Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So Many Things to Share

I'm okay with being broke... for now.  I have a goal in mind and I'm working on it.  Sacrifices have to be made to achieve the goal and one of those is money.  I showed you last week what I was working on and I couldn't be more proud of:
  • CommXStation - a software that allows you to schedule anything with anyone, keeps track of phone messages, all of your contacts (which can be exported from Outlook) and my favorite, Things to Do. The Things to Do or Tasks lets you enter in something you need to remember to do, set your notification time and date and then it emails you to remind you at the right time.  I absolutely love it.
  • Artist Avail Network - This is great for small agencies, individual artists, and larger agencies that want their agents on the road to be informed.  It keeps track of contracts, artists, venues, liaisons, itineraries, and a global contact system.
I'll probably be talking about these two programs a lot as I've put a lot of work into them and am very proud of what we've achieved (CommXTech).  Meanwhile on another front I'm almost finished with Restored Sunshine Letters, which is a pet project and one very near and dear to my heart.  It allows you to write letters of encouragement to anyone.  We have all sorts of categories and letter examples to help you in case you suffer from writer's block.  The letters are only a $1 and you can add stationary and other things to the letter if you wish.  I can't wait until I can show it to the world.  It is almost complete!

I'm also really into this new layout and I love the fact that I don't have to worry about the videos cutting off anymore.  And I think it is hilarious how the stick out.  Too much news for one space, but I do have a video that you need to check out.  I so want to learn Sony Vegas to do my own videos, but until then I'll show the spectacular talent of others.

Like this one.  Yes it is a One Tree Hill video, BUT the song is AWESOME. - I'm currently listening to Genesis, which would drive my mother nuts as she has told me on more than one occasion how much she hated my Phil Collins stage.  I still feel slightly insulted by that, but since my baby sister is going through an Eminem stage I can empathize a little.... just a little.

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