Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hotter Than a $2 Pistol

They say that tomorrow it is suppose to be around the 102 degree mark.  Now, I know that it is June, but it usually takes us until the very end of June/beginning of July to reach that kind of heat.  Good thing my birthday party is a pool party.

And you'll be happy to know that my Passport photo still remains as the worst photo ever taken of me. EVER.  I just wish my DL photo was better.  Oh well, I just have to look at it for the next ten years...

Meanwhile I've read some extremely interesting things today that I think you might enjoy.
So the video I'm leaving with you today is for the song. I've been deep into this folk/rock scene and Mumford and Sons sum that up beautifully.  I love their song 'Liar', but this song, "Awake My Soul" has captivated me.

Really listen because I think you will enjoy it.  To get a sense of great new music check out: Top 5 Shower Re-Cap.

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