Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Patience for Tuesday

Today when I woke up it promised to be a great day.  Yesterday was incredible.  I actually watched Law & Order: Criminal Intent with Goren and Eames while I got ready.  Then for lunch I got to eat Don Pablo's.  For dinner I swung by Schlotskyz for a brown bag and Sprite, and then zipped over to a dear friends house to watch some TV and just hang out.  It was truly a great Monday.

Then I woke up today after some bizarre dreams, but still feeling good.  All was going well, watching White Collar, and then I went downstairs.  From that point on it has been a twist of fate and a patience builder.  The first issue at hand was the living room.  The electricity was out.

Went to the panel, no switches were flipped... suffice it to say we are calling an electrician.

Went to work.  Our email issues got worse.  With no help from the third party we are in recovery mode. And not ten minutes ago one of the battery power packs went out and brought down several others...

Say a little prayer for me as these hiccups happen.

Much Love,

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