Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Greetings From a Mustang

Greetings.  I've taken over my owner's (Kelli) blog since I have caused her to not be able to post here.  I had been telling her for a while something was wrong, but we have a language problem and she had no idea that the noise she was hearing was actually me trying to warn her.

Well, while we were sitting at McDonald's it happened.  I broke. She cried.  I would try to tell her in English what has happened, but lets face it, she wouldn't really understand that either.  I love her, but she isn't what I would call mechanic-smart.  Look, we all have our gifts, but her knowledge of cars ain't one.

Yes I did say "ain't"  I'm a Texas Mustang.  It comes naturally to me... Meanwhile we are going to see Doc McGee, as he seems to know me and Kelli rather well.  She just has to say her name and he knows.  I'll have you know that the last two times I went for a visit there it turns out it wasn't me at all. 

So forgive her while she deals with me, but to be fair I did try to warn her...

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