Monday, February 28, 2011

Two Wrong Answers

I have started reading Waking the Dead by John Eldredge.  I was seeking a book out that might be able to help me with some of the issues I was going through in my Christian walk.  And as I started reading the book to see if it were right for me I found myself nodding my head, a lot.

In my Christian walk I have found that I too have two answers to what has happened to me. They are:
  1. I blew it.  I screwed up.  I did something wrong, etc.
  2. God is holding out on me.
Both are devastatingly wrong, but in my current state of mind they were the two that made the most sense.  Either I had messed up or God could fix it, but wouldn't, and usually I would think He wouldn't because of something I had done.  A vicious cycle to be sure.

I'm still reading the book and what I read last night made me cry. (Just keep in mind I cry at Hallmark commercials, so if you're not inclined to crying you'll be fine, but if you are, get the Kleenex out.)  However, because of this book my perception and focus are changing.

I want to encourage you that if you feel stuck, like perhaps you'll never get it, as I do so often, that isn't the case.  That is a lie.  And we know who the father of all lies is.

In the coming weeks I'll tell you what I'm personally doing that I have found to help me, and perhaps can help you.

As you know I can't let this go without some music.

So here I give you:

Pictures of You
by The Last Goodnight
Much Love,

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