Saturday, February 19, 2011

McDonalds & Billy Joel

These two have nothing to do with one another except this morning I had McDonald's and I listened to Billy Joel.  To me that is a great way to start my Saturday.
I did make it to the office.  You can see by the new blog look it has been updated.  I have great tools here at the office, but not on my laptop at home.  I'm also creating work for my board that I mod.  The board has been there seven years, so it is a pretty big deal.

I hope that you are enjoying your Saturday out there.  We actually have to turn on our A/C at the house, that is how hot is has gotten.  A complete 180 from the ice days of only a week ago.

I've found new shoes that I've fallen in love with this.  My mom said if she won the lottery she would buy them for me.  I'm crossing my fingers.

Much Love,

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