Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Huh? Moment.

I am a picky eater. 

I have been since birth.  Ask my mom, and anyone who has tried to feed me since birth.  They'll tell you I'm not exaggerating.

It isn't because they didn't try, bless their hearts, it is just the texture and taste of certain foods make me wig out.  For example, I love the taste of sweet potatoes, but I HATE the texture.  I sometimes have a shiver go down my spine if I find that the potato mushy.  (I detest regular potatoes no matter how you cook them.  Even french fries are questionable.)

Because of this food pickiness I sometimes suffer from food boredom, when I get sick of eating a particular food.  To help remedy this I choose my food at work the Sunday before it starts so I won't get food I won't eat. This allows for variety, cravings, fun, and practical money spending.

However, because I have allowed myself this freedom I have noticed that yes I do pick different foods, but they are all variations of the same thing:

Pizza Lunchables
French Bread Pizza
Hot Pockets w/ Pizza
Pizza slices

I've been doing this for weeks. 

I didn't notice until today.

It makes me go huh?

So while I ponder my predicament here is a great song:

New Soul
by Yael Naim

Much Love,

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