Friday, March 5, 2010


Wow did life get busy there for a moment. Was it busy for you too? I could hardly believe it. So, I do have a Facebook page now and a Twitter account.

I also have a newsletter I'm working on that will be updated, hopefully here, every Wednesday. That's the schedule I've set for myself.

Speaking of schedules, every Friday will now be Guilty Pleasure Friday. I will update some of my guilty pleasures and share them with you. Believe me when I say some of these are guilty and if a blog could blush, this one would. Now, nothing as gross as picking a nose, but none the less slightly embarassing.

First, however, I wanted to post this story: California Woman Gives Up Her Job for Her Co-Worker Sometimes with all the crap that goes on in this world it is nice to see how gracious and kind people are. I hope both are blessed by this.

Now, onto my Guilty Pleasure for this Friday. As you may have already suspected, when it comes to entertainment I am a happy-romantic comedy-uplifting-sweet movie kind of person. I don't like horror and I have to be in the mood for drama. My music on the other hand is wildly varied going from Third Day to Staind, the Who to Alan Jackson, Foo Fighters to Billy Joel. The reason this little gem is a guilty pleasure is because of its message. I so love this song and this vidder who created this video does a stunning job. So today enjoy my guilty pleasure!


The Murphy's said...

So glad to have another blog to follow. I am kinda a blog junky! You should check out and our blog at good luck with your new business. When are you doing the cookies??

Kelli said...

I'm following you now. :) The cookie thing will be coming. It is mostly a time issue and all the thing required to get before I even start. No worries though. I should be making a lot of headway by June. That's the plan.