Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Break, Sorta

So Spring Break is upon us. I get two days. By that I mean I get half a day today, a whole day tomorrow, and about 1/4 a day on Thursday. Sounds great I know... I'm trying very hard to keep the sarcasam out of my tone as at least I do get one.

So today is Food Tuesday. Unfortunately I don't have time to post any recipes, but I will make up for that soon. Right now over on the Facebook page you can post any recipes that seem to have gotten the best of you for the moment. Mine is Buttermilk Pie. I burn it everytime and make it into this disgusting thing that I can't dare share with you.

I do want to tell you some good news as I need a picker up, I am now a guest commentator over at Diamond & Gold Warehouse. On a bi-weekly guest spot I will get to point out the jewelry I like best, and what I would/do wear. The section is called, Rings & Fashion. I'm quite excited about this. I just won't be telling any future romantic prospects about this as anything related with this type of jewelry makes everyone (me!) uncomfortable.

I'll be back on Friday, but since I'll be playing catch-up we can start all over again on Monday, Motivational Monday. Why do I do this to myself? I'm the one who needs the motivation. If you saw my bedroom you'd agree, but I don't need anyone nodding their head at me, so I won't show you that either. Just rest assure if I try to 'motivate' you it is really just me talking to me.

As If could leave this without some music. Not only is the Christian band, Skillet, incredible, but some of my favorite vidders did a collaboration to their song, Monster. Watch it here as it is beyond awesome!

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