Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Life Application: Getting Points While Driving

Since taking my own challenge I have come up with a series of arbitrary points that I use to keep myself motivated to not tell myself to shove the challenge and pull that jerk out of his car and beat him until some sense has been restored.

Not only am I now paying attention to how drivers treat me (not that it was an issue before), but now I'm paying attention to my own actions.

Thus the creation of the point system:
* There are three things to remember: 1. the point amount can vary based on the situation.  If the person is an incredible jerk not retaliating then can be assigned more points.  2. You know your triggers, feel free to make up your own "good for me" points. 3.Take a breather and focus on personal point goals.  Even if the jerk cut you off.

Here is how I did last night going to get a pedicure, driving to World Market and Target to get Lora ginger snaps and ginger ale, and coming home.

1. I got a point for not slowing down to a slow crawl for the white mini van that rode my butt.

2. I got a point for only throwing my hands up in the air and not a finger gesture AND

3. I got two points for not honking at the same woman who after several minutes decided to do a u-turn back into the parking lot instead of going right or left.

4. I got three points for again not slowing down to a ridiculously slow crawl to the woman in the SUV who thought that by driving faster and getting on my butt was the way to get me to move faster.

* In residential areas I do not speed. Period. Even well traveled residential areas.  More people are walking these days and I'm not about to hit them so you can forget it! Rant: Over

5. I got a point taken away for speeding up to beat another car at a four way stop so the woman behind me had to wait on two cars before going. ** Well worth the point reduction (see: number 4)!

Total points scored: 6 points out of a possible 7 for the evening.  I don't know if that is good or not, but for me I thought I did relatively well.

So my question is how are you doing?

Need more zen music?  I know I used mine.  Here's another great song:

Holiday Review
by Magnolia Sons

It just sounds like a perfect summer day to me.

Much  Love,

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