Monday, May 18, 2009

Welcome to Mexico

The picture below is the typical spider that I have to deal with. I'm not really fearful of most spiders. So, when this spider decides to be in my room or near me I kill it. Nothing really to it unless the little bugger decided to start jumping, then he can be hard to catch, but I normally can get him.

However, there are times when I am fearful of spiders. That time was today. Should I have worked out this morning? Yes. After a week of being in the states eating all of my favorite foods I should have, but unfortunately the power has gone out here and I didn't have my air conditioning. I could've colapsed from the heat had I tried. So, I waited until 7:30 to take my shower. I went through my typical routine, getting my water for brushing my teeth, putting my towel on the rack, and then I use the restroom. Now, there is a fan on the back of the toliet, before I sat down I saw it, there was nothing on it. However, when I got up to flush there it was. A HUGE spider. Enough to make me utter a profanity, that I believe was called for. I ran for my camera, but the little bugger was already on the ground, hiding behind the toliet paper cannister. So, I called for Alan, and he came to kill it. However, before he actually killed it I took this photo to prove that I was not crazy and the sucker was huge:

So, all I could think when seeing this, after the heart attack stopped, was, "Welcome to Mexico". Thankfully I saw this after I had used the toliet and not when I was in the shower...vulnerable.

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Mike said...

That IS a big spider.... Holly Cow!!