Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mexican Saturday Night

I know I complain sometimes about living in Mexico, and sometimes those complaints are legit. It has been difficult for me to live here. However, it is not all negative, and most of it is positive. Take last night for example. We were invited to go eat Tacos at McTaco last night. My favorite dish from here is the Beef Steak con Queso tacos that we get.

It was a beautiful night. It was a hot beautiful day, but it was a very beautiful night. Our host played jazzed up versions of classic american songs such as, Unchained Melody, as we drove to the restaurant. The dinner was wonderful. Exactly what I wanted. Although I didn't understand much of the conversation it was nice to be out.
Then we did my second favorite thing, we had ice cream around the town square. I love ice cream. I got what I thought was Pistachio, but turned out to be Coconut and Pistachio, thankfully I like Coconut. It had a little twang to it, but it was loaded with Pistachio nuts and tasted just fine on the small waffle cone.
After we returned I was able to watch the, Graham Norton Show. I love him, and it cracked me up. The best part was I discovered a new song, and even though I'm a year late for the solo act and who knows how long from the group, Texas, I am now a fan of Sharleen Spiteri. And my new song of the moment, "All the Times I've Cried". you can listen to it here:

Just amazing! A great Saturdady night. Praise God! After the Friday I had, Saturday was a wonderful welcome!

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