Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mosquitoes in Mexico, Surely You Jest!

This picture may seem a little gross... well it is. However, what it shows is just sweeping from one side of the room of all the mosquitoes that we sprayed for last night. Yes, what we found after our new found freedom from Swine Flu quarantine was a downstairs full of mosquitoes. So, we sprayed and spent our time outside waiting for the spray to clear. When we came back those hundreds that we had seen on the walls were now the hundreds we saw on the floor.

The best part of the evening came when we went outside to flee from the fumes and ended up watching what I like to call, Doggie Porn. Bonnet, the female, is in heat, but not to the point where she will let Blue, the male, actually go all the way with her. However, she will allow for a lot of foreplay and well, as gross as this may be to some I have to share. I watched the dogs do the following and I am not lying: I saw them do the sixty-nine position. Both participted. I saw them try to do it missionary style (alas they call it doggie style for a reason and that is because dogs can't do it missionary style). Finally I saw Bonnet give Blue a BJ.

I don't know that my eyes will ever be the same or look at the dogs quite the same way. What a night.

Oh, and helpful hint. If you go off of caffiene for any length of time and then you drink some at say 9:00 at night be prepared to stay up for a good while.

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