Sunday, September 25, 2011

To Keep Moving

I did something today that hurt. It still hurts.  I had to tell my co-pastor that I had to step down as a Sunday school teacher.  The look on his face made it nearly impossible to keep the tears at bay because this isn't something I want to do, but it is something I need to do.  I love my church family. I'm not leaving, leaving, but I will no longer be there on Sunday mornings.

My church doesn't have a big singles group, in fact I am the only single girl there (at my age).  And even in my own social circle I am the only single girl.  I need people in my life who are where I am, and I can't find that in my current circumstances.  I would like to meet someone special, but if I don't that's okay too. I do, however, want to meet other singles who are my age.  More importantly other Christian singles.

My church family is like my real family. I love them dearly.  I will still be there for Wednesday night Bible Study, and our Ninevite Outreach Program, but the time has come to go on. It isn't an easy decision, and not one I would make on my own.  However, I had three separate sources who said the exact same thing to me, and not one of them speaks to the other.

I guess I'm posting this to not only help with the pain of it, but to also encourage you. If there is a comfort zone you are being asked to move away from I'm there with you.  You can do it, and you should.  I'm here for you and you can take comfort in the fact someone else understands.

Believe it or not I take great comfort in a song by REO Speedwagon, which to me just sounds like God speaking to me:

"As soon as you are able
Woman, I am willing
To make a break
that we are on the brink of

My cup is on the table
My love is spilling
Waiting for you to take
and drink of

So if you're tired of
the same old story
Turn some pages
I'll be here when you are ready
to roll with the changes"

And I feel like the second set of verses are my response to Him.  A little weird perhaps, but that's how God works with me.

Roll with the Changes
by REO Speedwagon

Much Love,

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