Saturday, September 10, 2011


I don't believe that there is one of us who was alive and aware on that day who doesn't remember how they found out, where they were, or the ultimate impact it had on them.  I was in Spanish class, and we were laughing with our teacher over one of her first blunders speaking the language. She had needed soap for her shower, but said sopa, which is soup in Spanish. The lady looked at her weird, but brought her soup.  Then her cell phone rang and she was startled as it never went off.  She shrugged and said it was her daughter and would call her later.

Then her phone rang again.  By that time class was ready for dismissal, and as I stepped out into the hall to get to Algebra everyone was buzzing over something.  When I finally sat down in class the story was the twin towers were down, the pentagon was gone, and another plane was heading somewhere. Frankly I was terrified because the information wasn't all in it sounded like the whole country was under siege.  It wasn't until I was in my car on my way to work after Algebra that I was able to hear what happened.

On Wednesday the next day our church decided not to have our individual classes, but come together as a group. The community, as always, was invited to join us. That day they did.  I've never seen our church more packed then I did on that day. It breaks my heart to think that as much as we may remember, we don't. Tomorrow is the beginning of our Sunday school year. I teach grades second through fifth. Most of them were born after 2001 and the couple that weren't were born in that year. They will never have a memory of a time when it wasn't like it is now.

I've missed some big days as well. Such as December 7, 1941 or November 22, 1963, but like my parents and grandparents, and great grandparents I will never forget the events of September 11th, 2001, and I have no doubt neither will you.  My deepest condolences to those families who lost loved ones. My deepest gratitude to those who died trying to save people. My prayers to those who still need solace.

Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning
by Alan Jackson

Much Love,