Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dreamed a Dream

No really... I have been having some bizarre dreams lately.  Just a run down:
  • I waved at an angel. I couldn't see the face or the bottom legs, but I waved, it came back and waved at me. It was also snowing, and the large tree in front of my window? Gone.
  • I dreamt of the secret to my blog's success. Unfortunately I don't remember it now.
  • I had a secret council meeting with my second mom (hi Debbie!) and with Greg from work. (hi Greg!).
  • My second family printed resumes and went looking for jobs, first up, Disney Store. I went with them for moral support. Do not wish to change jobs at this time.
I guess my big question to you is, what sort of weird dreams have you been having or had? Or what was your weirdest dream?

Mine include:
  • Killing a group of quasi-Nazi soldiers (they were putting me and other people into a concentration camp). I couldn't let that happen so I lead a group of rebels. I woke up with the feeling of the small-person soldier grasping my ankle as I tried to crush his throat with my boot.
  • Being forced to watch airplanes crash if I didn't divulge national secrets.
  • Picking up my car ala Fred Flinstone style to out run the cops because I had several criminals stuffed in various places of the car (and this was a compact, not SUV).
  • Saving my baby sister from being kidnapped in Mexico, not sure what to do, and then seeing my pastor there.
  • Sitting in a huge lake, surrounded by Mountains (looked English/Irish) and a dragon was under the water about to come up.
So please don't feel shy in sharing!

Dream Police
by: Cheap Trick

Much Love,