Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Motivated for Halloween Specials?

Shout Out: Andi who made call backs for the musical audtions!

Good day,

Yeah, I didn't get this posted first thing, which might make you think the motivation seminar didn't do its job. That's just not true. I was motivated to do my job, which I think my boss would say that was a better motivation than this piece.

It was a great seminar, even Colin Powell was good to listen to. He was quite funny. Now, of course, the man of the hour, was George W. Bush, and he was as funny and wonderful as I remember. Terry Bradshaw was hilarious and there were several others that were wonderful to listen to. Since I'm on the political side for the moment I find it hilarious that although the left tries to defend their position of reporting on Obama they can't deny what they're doing. Here's a great article called,
What If Bush Had Done That.

However, this is more of a Halloween update special. Now, I want to make sure you know that Charlie Brown's Halloween Special will be airing on both the 27th and 28th (today and tomorrow for those without a calendar) on ABC. So be sure to look for listings and watch.

Next, I found this link particularly funny:
65 of Sci-Fi's Most Amusing "One Letter Off" Movie Titles Now, if you think you can do better I feel you should submit them to me and everyone else as I'm sure we can all use the laugh. :D

Now, this is where I spent most of my time,
31 Classic Halloween TV episodes and specials, and you probably will too as this had some great clips. It includes my favorite Simpson Tree House Horror Episode, which is Tree House Horror V, and includes the clip:

So funny and soo good. I'll have to see if I can find one of my favorite Simpsons moment for another update. I think this concludes this week. Short and brief. Just like you like it. :-)
Also my church is having their Fall Festival this Sunday on the 1st. Stop by and support the academy. Or me, I have a fun game of racing ping pongs. I want tournament participants of each age.
I hope you all have a great Halloween!

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