Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Getting A Little Distressed

I wish I knew what to do. It would make things simpler, I think. Of course with my luck it would not, so perhaps not knowing what to do is the better way to go? Meanwhile, I've been scowering the internet to give me some insight for at least a few minutes. What I've found I'll share. A service I like to provide for those who need this too.

I think we're all guilty of using some over-used words. I don't mind most of them. However, this
article justifies my absolute hatred for the word, 'whatever'. I mean I've never truly hated many things, except this word (especially when used flippantly toward me) and the song, "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me" by Culture Club. And in answer to their question every time I hear that song I do want to hurt them and hurl a flippant "whatever" at them.

Perhaps I'm starting to have a Clark Griswald breakdown. It is entirely possible. The frustration is getting to me and trying to stay positive and hopeful is really becoming a chore. If you, like me, need a reminder of what going off the deepend is like you can go
here. However, a warning that there is language and crude humor. If you're not into the Vacation movies just skip this link.

There, don't you feel better? On a positive note, because I do have a few, a website we've been working on,
CookiesInABox.net is coming around in the search engines. I'm responsible for getting it back up there. I'm excited by this. I've done something right. I also probably caused the decline for a few days, but within three days we went from no presence on Google to having a few keywords show up in the first ten links. So, Go Me!

In celebration of my psychotic need to actually be contributing to the workforce I found this video endearing. Perhaps it is because it uses a song I love, "9 to 5" by Dolly Parton. Maybe because it features scenes from a show I used to love to watch, Supernatural. Or perhaps (and this is what I'm thinking) that it features a line that I love, "It's another day at the office. A massive and dangerous at the office." Uttered by the great character, Dean Winchester. I don't know why I love that line, but there it is. You can view it
here. No need to thank me.

So that brings this weekly update to a close. As you can tell I'm praying for answers. Lots of them. Be in prayer for me as I struggle at this time in my life. Meanwhile, if you have a prayer request feel free to email me or send a private message.
Until next time, or if Cousin Eddie takes me up on a few suggestions, stay safe folks!

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