Monday, August 8, 2011

Slid in Shit

The Boomtown Rats have a hit called, "I Don't Like Mondays" and the repeated statement in this gem of a song is, "Tell me why I don't like Mondays".  I could tell you why today I don't like Mondays.  It started with me sliding through shit. (My apologies to the offended on my use of language today.)

I let my dog outside. I got my sister's dog and took her out as well.  I knew she might try something when she didn't use the outside facilities.  So when I saw her heading for under the coffee table I took after her picking her up, not seeing that while I was in a desperate flee to get her back outside she had already dropped her weapon. And I slid in it.

The day proceeded with me paying four cents more for gas so I could use the car wash because some birds had stomach problems and had shit all over my car.  Do you see a theme?  And the worst part is I'm not making any of it up!  However, the car wash was out, so I had to drive down the road and pay six bucks to get it cleaned off.  I wouldn't know until I got to work that it didn't get it all off, but after the morning I had it really didn't surprise me.

While on my trek to work I had not eaten breakfast so I stopped by McDonald's to get breakfast knowing that when I got to work if one person commented on my large coke and sausage biscuit with cheese there would be a disgruntled response.  Thankfully for everyone involved no one said anything.  To make up for my 32 oz of Coke I drank water the rest of the day.

However, my food in take is not the center of this story.  No, the beginning of my day was just it warning me as to what I was going to face.  I knew it was coming and yet I just wasn't prepared for what would happen. Do you read the comic strip, Dilbert?  I do. I find it funny.  But NEVER have I ever had a first hand experience like the one Dilbert so brilliantly exposes week after week. Until today.

So I will leave it there. I don't need this post to come back and bite me in the butt on some other un-suspecting day.  So it was only proper I finished it while watching Blazing Saddles and listening to...

I Don't Like Mondays
by Boomtown Rats

Much Love,
with Shit,