Friday, August 5, 2011

Crazy, Stupid, Love Indeed

Once again I went to the movies with my sisters. We didn't go to the late movie we went to the 7:00 show (I had some work to finish), but it was a pure joy. For one I actually bought popcorn and a drink, which I never do, but I was hungry. Andi's friend joined us. Lora brought cherries as her snack. And during the big reveal the screen went blank thanks to the rolling blackouts.  Still, the movie came back, and we went on laughing.

The movie is a little long, but the content and acting, plus Ryan Gosling's ever hot body, made the movie. I could gush and gush about this movie, but it really boiled down to how sweetness and honesty are what restores your soul.  Really amazing movie.

Of course afterward when we went to Chilis also helped make the night.  The defining moment of the conversation being when Andi couldn't think of an analogy for being a fast drinker and went with this gem, "Quick like a sloth."  Even the waiter wants to use that line.

However, the best part is and will remain the time I got to spend with my sisters. There is nothing like that crazy, stupid, love.

Speaking of... stellar soundtrack.

Just One Look
by Doris Troy

Much Love,