Thursday, April 22, 2010

Unplugged..Just no Album

I love technology. However, there are times where it makes me want to pull my hair out. The past eight days proof. Since I wrote here last this is what has happened to me:
  1. Car Radio died (last songs heard: Enjoy the Silence, Gone, Happy Ending (and it is not about having a happy ending!)
  2. Found out/believe car radio has a short in it.
  3. No Money for Kelli and still need to buy a new headlight.
  4. Picked phone up and watched helplessly as screen detached from body of phone.
  5. Had to trade phone for old 2006 phone.
  6. Find out I have to charge phone every 24 hours (as opposed to my 6 day battery on recently departed phone).
  7. Discovered that old phone doesn't pull contact list from SIM card. Lost a few numbers and not sure if current ones work.
  8. Did work for client to upgrade from html to After, just wanted to bang head against wall.
  9. Slim pickins at the office. Can't eat Ramen noodles anymore!

However, because I am an optimist, this is what God has done for me:

  1. Car radio came back. Sure it skips when I hit a pot hole or the railroad tracks or Venus passed Mercury or Joe in Ohio sneezed, but it is back for the most part. Thankful.
  2. Still need to get headlights, but I'm okay for the time being.
  3. My bff, Shas's, sister, Ash, gave birth to Liam on Monday night. So much adorable, precious, goodness. Can't wait till he's old enough to go out in public then we can play pass the baby at the dinner table.
  4. Church is selling Stand Mixer, and will sell it to me... cheap.
  5. Old phone battery is just getting me prepared for when I get an iPhone.
  6. I can now ask for everyone's number and not feel stupid.
  7. I get a free chiropractor (sp?) appointment tomorrow.
  8. Discovered a delightful show, Billy the Exterminator. I just have so much fun watching that show.

So, it didn't completely even out, but tomorrow is Friday and I am hopeful. Meanwhile Top 5 Shower Re-Cap is still going strong. You can click here to view it.

I love a good mix with older songs. I love to read others, so it is really fun to do one of my own. Meanwhile I got a discussion going on over at Facebook about Miracle Whip vs Mayo. For the record in my universe, Miracle Whip always wins. Especially if you make Deviled Eggs.

May you all have pleasant and wonderful dreams!!

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