Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Close Robert Palmer, but I'm Addicted to Music

On my YouTube account (the personal one) it says Addicted to Music. That is one truth about me I don't think will change. I love music. Beyond the emotional things God gave us I think music is one of the best. (As if you couldn't tell I felt that way.)

So, today while getting ready for work I thought of an idea for my day job. I would write a Top 5 Shower Re-Cap every day. I have my morning timed out by the number of songs it takes me to do a task. 1/2 song to get out of bed (if its good, 1-2 seconds if bad), 2 songs to brush my teeth and wake up, 2 1/2 songs to take my shower, and 5 songs to do my hair (if I blow dry it straight), only 3 songs if I'm putting it in a pony tail.

The only time I don't listen to the radio is when I do my hair. Then I go to YouTube and pick 5 songs for that morning. What does this have to do with my job, well I work for CommXTech, and we have EBT and Artist Avail Network, which are for artists and entertainment agencies. I think the Artist Avail could use a fun link, so voila, the Top 5 Shower Re-Cap will appear every day Monday-Friday. They will have the videos to accompany and you can check them out on CommXTech's YouTube channel for that day. All older vids will be in favorites and the two playlists (Good Videos or Good Songs).

Today's Top 5 are: (which I realize are 4 Covers and 1 Original)

1. Enjoy the Silence - Lucana Coil
2. Renegade - Daughtry
3. Don't Stop Believing - Glee Cast
4. Hoppipolla - Sigur Ros - only original
5. Bad Romance - 30 Seconds to Mars

I just can't get enough music that is for sure, so here is Bad Romance cover by 30 Seconds to Mars:

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