Monday, November 16, 2009

Still Learning

Shout Out: To Daddy. May your birthday be blessed and this year a blessing!

Hello, my busy friends!

I know many of you are getting ready for next week. I certainly am, and I can't help but look back on the past few months and realize how far everything has come. I love how God humbles you sometimes, because the best lessons are never ones that come harshly. They're so gentle and such an 'a-ha' moment. That's what He has done with me lately. Showing me things I needed to know in such a way that has touched my heart and made me thankful for such a sweet God.

I've been learning a lot, but I loved this from North Point Ministries. It is called G.P.S. : Gratitude, Persistence, and Surrender. I've been enjoying listening to their messages. My favorite ones so far are Your Move and The Waiting Room. I've also been learning a great deal from Pastor Paul Sheppard, if you can listen to him (about 20 minutes) I think you'll find it worth it.

Meanwhile, I heard that I missed an incredible sermon this past Sunday. Considering how much I loved the one before it I'm really sad. However, it was all for a great cause. Dad turns 50 tomorrow. So, my mother and I conspired with his sisters and through some twists and turns took him to Oklahoma City and surprised him with his family there. It was a great time and lots of great stories.

In my own personal life I made moderator of the forum that I visit daily. It's a big position, but thankfully I have a great board with great people. I'm really excited about this. A little nerdy perhaps, but a lot of fun!

I found this article, which is a fun look at some of the expressions we use and how they were generated from nautical terms.

So this post is nice and easy this week, which is really what I've been feeling like. I wish I could let you feel this peace and incredible time I'm having with God. It is unlike anything I've gone through before. I pray you are all having a good week, and if not I know it's tough, and I'll certainly pray for you.

Love to All!

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