Monday, August 24, 2009

Hair Today...

Having a good or bad hair day does effect you. Don't deny it, we know the truth. That is why when I've decided to change a few things in my life I started with a hair cut. There is just nothing better than a good haircut. So, for the next few posts I will be discussing hair cuts, products, maintenance, and over-all health cand care. Since I've already had a hair cut and feel great about it I will start with cuts.

The photo to your left is Bethany Joy Galeotti, or in this photo, Haley James Scott. If I could pull off those bangs I would in a second. This was probably my favorite hair style from One Tree Hill and I still love it. For those of you not addicted to this drama, this was season four. We're now on to Season 7... not that you wanted to know.

My hair actually use to be this long, but I wanted a change and so after seeing the photo on your right of Natalie Portman, I decided to cut it. Mine never did quite look like this, but it was super cute all the same, once I got some of it to grow out. You see I didn't get my stylist on the day I decided to cut my hair (appointment mix up), but I was too eager to change it and went with someone else! BIG MISTAKE!! That is why I urge you to find a good one and stick with them! Lesson learned!

Feeling Good: Everyone has a bad hair day.

Looking Good: Everyone can look this good with the right sylist.

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