Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I'm baaack! And Other Travel Condrums.

Ha ha. No I'm not the exorist, although if I didn't get any sleep... Not the point of this. So, I'm finally back home. I have no plans to leave any time soon. What this means is I'm in the "I'm Back! Crap, I have to unpack" stage. I hate that stage. My favorite is packing, getting ready for the trip. That is fun. I could care less about unpacking, but unfortunately it is something that must be done.

I have come up with an unpacking guide for those who feel about unpacking the way I do. Today's topic is the first thing you should do when you get ready to unpack. That is, assess the vacation you just had. (I usually take a day for this).

For example, I went and stayed with my aunt and her family. I had a blast. We went up and down the coast and I got to see some beautiful homes. However, her air-conditioning wasn't working in her vehicle so we had to roll the windows down. And, as and idiot, I didn't put on sun block. So my arm got nice and burnt/tan. The kicker? I had a t-shirt on so I got an amazing Farmer's Tan!

Photo Proof:

Sad isn't it? The even worse part? The other arm looks normal. :rolls eyes: How this continually happens to me I'll never know, but now you get to share in the experiences that are my life.
Tomorrow I'll show you my room, which should scare the snot out of you, and we'll take the next step in my guide to un-packing. Really, you shouldn't do it right away, that's overwhelming and scary. Mine allows you to get it all done, and at a managable rate. Believe me you'll thank me later for it.
How to Look Good: Embrace the farmer's tan. If anyone gives you grief point out that you were on an incredible vacation. What have they done?
How to Feel Good: Know that noe one is going to be coming to your house any time soon, so you have time to clean, and keep people interested in your vacation photos. You'll get the place clean soon enough!

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