Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

A shocking title to be sure, but it is time to talk about that wonderful time where we can all take a deep breath, brush off the past year, and go on to the new year with hope and optimisim of what might come.

Now I know many of you had a great 2009, mine was not an easy year for me, so this new year brings wth it real hope for a new future. I've waited a long time for certain things and I can only hope that this is the year that it happens for me.

I want the unexpected in delightful ways and at least one of my deep desires. Yesterday would've been a great day to remember all of 2009 and what it has brought to me, but the truth is I would like to put most of it behind me and look forward with a fresh start.

With that in mind I only have one link for you: 101 New Uses for Every Day Things. May your new year be wonderful and blessed!

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