Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday Mornings

I love going to church. I have a great church family, and I love to worship God among them. I also listen to a great pastor Monday through Friday. His name is, Pastor Paul Sheppard. He is always a bright spot on my day and speaks truth into my life. He is funny, truthful, and loving in his delivery. Even if you don't have much time you can listen to him as each segment is only twenty minutes. Since being in Mexico, I've done many Bible studies, but none of them take the place of good old fashioned preaching. However, Pastor Paul continues to be a bright spot, shining Jesus' light into my life.

Here is a link to listen to him: You can download any of his lessons, any which way you need to, for free. If you are searching I hope you get as much pleasure of hearing God's Word from this man as I do.

There is nothing like a great church family, and I am blessed to have that, but getting to hear God's Word this way Monday through Friday, is also a wonderful blessing. Since this is Father's Day, and my Daddy was who got me listening to him, I thought I would share him with you.

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jacki said...

So sweet, know your dad will like it!!!