Saturday, June 13, 2009

New Years Come Early?

No, it hasn't. I turned 28 yesterday and realize I want to change just a few things. I don't want to change myself, just fix some issues that I can. What has happened is that I'm issuing a challenge for myself. If I were to look in the mirror or have to go on one of those shows and tell you what I don't like about myself there are five major issues I have.

1. I don't like my weight first off. I am a size 18 on a good day.
2. I have a few moles. Nothing gross that is really outstanding, but they drive me nuts. I just need to find a good doctor, which leads to number three.
3. I have some medical issues that I need to get resolved. The problem is finding a good doctor.
4. I may be looking for a new job in the very near future and I want to make a good impression. Despite the weight.
5. I want to feel good about what I look like despite what size I am.

The Challenge:

Starting July 7th I will fully begin the challenge of remedying all of this. The reason is I will be back in the States and I get my new haircut on that date. A great hair cut is a great way to feel good about yourself, so we will start with something simple, easy, and something everyone can do. After that I will try to tackle each issue and by July 7th, 2010, I hope to have each issue resolved.

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jacki said...

Sounds like a whole lot of work...I hope it all happens. Of course once you make your mind up, there is no stopping you, so have no doubt it will.