Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Stellar Weekend

I must say that a few months ago I was praying for today. I prayed of a time when I could splurge on myself, have dinner with friends, have an eventful weekend, and at the end smile because it was all good.  I don't write this because I was to throw it in some one's face, but I want to tell those who are struggling that there is hope out there.  That dream you keep seeing, the vision that helps you go on when it isn't at all as you pictured, you will have that day.

Such a blessing this weekend was.

We went to dinner at RJ Gators on Friday night, and since I arrived early I was able to shop at the mall.  This proved to be fatal to my wallet. I found not one, but two beautiful purses.  I called my mom to ask what I should do. Her advice was to splurge on myself and enjoy some of my hard earned cash.  I had dreamed about it for months, why not take the time to do so.  Well, if Mom says it's okay who am I to argue?

On Saturday I started the day off early, but to spend time with Shas, helping her get ready for her baby shower? That I'm willing to do any time.  Besides spending time with your best friend is never a chore.  As soon as I know how big Baylor will be when Halloween rolls around this is the outfit he is getting. Shas loves Elvis and it is too cute to pass up.

Plus I got to spend the afternoon with my second family, Shas' mom and sister at the shower.  Afterward my mom and I went to the book store where I picked up this gem I've been waiting for:

Erik Larson's In the Garden of Beasts.  If you haven't read Erik Larson before, might I suggest, RUN and get any book of his.  My introduction to this fabulous author was his book, Devil in the White City, about the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago and America's first serial killer, H.H. Holmes.  All non-fiction, but reads like a fantastic fiction book.  If you want an even easier read try his Isaac's Storm, about the hurricane that leveled Galveston in 1901. It is told from Isaac Hayes, the meteorologist of Galveston and the hurricane itself. With fabulous stories and a great read you can not go wrong reading anything Erik Larson writes!

Then today I got to visit with my favorite missionary family, The Johnson's, who were in town for the summer. If you'll remember I stayed with them when I lived in Mexico.  It was so good to see everyone and I even got to visit with D's mother, whom I enjoy so immensely.  Afterward I talked my dad into seeing:

Captain America.  Wonderful movie. It had humor, romance, no curse words, and a very handsome Chris Evans.  Plus Tommy Lee Jones was hilarious, my admiration for all things Stanley Tucci still stands, and it was really a fun ride.  I encourage anyone to see it.  Of course now I feel the need to see Thor...

Finally, I ended the day with some swimming, Jerseylicious, and Law & Order: Criminal Intent.  Truly a blessed day. I hope and pray this kind of weekend for all of you.  I just feel so blessed, and it feels so surreal.  I also feel slightly paranoid that it might not last, but I'm very, very grateful!

So Far Away
by Staind

Much Love,