Monday, July 18, 2011

Packing Reunion Style

Going to family reunions always seems to be a mixed bag of blessings for me.  The blessing, of course, is to see family I don’t get to see but once a year, and a chance to visit and spend time with others that I don’t know as well.  On the other hand it means hot weather, motel rooms, driving, and having limited options.  The only thing I would really complain about is the weather.  It has simply been atrocious both here in Texas, and even worse in Oklahoma.  However, after doing this for a while I have packing down pat.  Of course I always learn something new each trip, but here are the basics that never go away:

  1. Make a List! – It doesn’t really matter how you do this one. I usually write mine down, but if you like it on the computer then go for it.

    a. Start with what you use every day. I start writing down what I use from the moment I get up. Example: I’d write pillow (I only bring my pillow if I’m driving, otherwise, it takes up too much room if I fly.). Then I’d write PJs, rubber band, bobby pin (I hate having bangs at night), etc. Once I’ve written everything down. Then I would put it into categories. Feel free to not be that organized, but I do it because then I don’t have a cluttered list. I’m both lazy and anal retentive that way.

    b. Once I have the everyday needs written down, then I decide my wardrobe. On a side note for your underwear I always suggest adding two extra just in case. Because you just never know. Even if you are regular, on birth control pills, etc. there is something about vacation that can make your body do weird things, so just throw in a couple of products for the just in case time.

    c. PS: This should include electronics and chargers. DON’T FORGET THE CHARGER!
  2. Be a Walking Pharmacy – You will always be the hero if you keep the following things: aspirin, band-aids, Imodium AD, Pepto, Charcoal pills (these are the best if you are going to a foreign country or have a sensitive stomach), and Benadryl (or your favorite allergy / sinus medication).
  3. Bring Entertainment – I hardly ever have a chance to actually watch a movie, read a book, or skim through a magazine at my family reunions, but having them there helps ease any thoughts of boredom. Magazines and movies are great for the younger people around you, who might not enjoy sitting for long periods of time listening to current ailments of older family members.
  4. Ziploc Bags – I picked this tip up when I was a junior in high school on a bus to Disneyworld. Believe it or not things spill, bags don’t open correctly, and still some people don’t know how to close a bag properly. Ziploc bags fix all of this. I always bring a couple in the gallon size, and maybe some in the snack size. You’ll thank yourself repeatedly for having this. Repeatedly. And you can also thank me.

  5. Finally don’t forget to get some cash. I usually do $20 per person in my party, it doesn’t matter if they’re a kid or an adult who is just riding with me. It usually ensures I have a enough, but cash is a judgment call.

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