Monday, June 13, 2011

How to Protect Yourself Online

First I want to say congratulations to cbeene31.  You won, and I personally know how beautiful you are, but I certainly hope you are blessed by the book!

On to the how to: I gave a brief discussion of this the other day, and thought I would share it with you, as well as have it as a reference for those ladies:

1. Your Money

I know debit cards are convenient, but they don't protect you.  Anyone who has had a fraudulent charge on their debit know, you have to cancel the full card and then wait to get a new one.  Even then you can't fight many of the charges.

Which is why I recommend shopping with a credit card, or if the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University graduate and just can't do that, then a pre-paid debit card for online purchases only.

However, I always recommend credit cards because they protect  you, more than any other form of paying.

Side Note: Even if you use the 'credit' option when out, it still pulls the funds from your debit card, this will not protection you.

1a. Banks

This always seems to bare repeating: DO NOT CLICK ON ANY LINK IN YOUR EMAIL! No bank, no credit card processor, will EVER have you log into an account from email EVER.  If you get an email from one of those institutions you can go to your Internet browser, type in the URL (web address), and go in that way.  If you are still unsure call your bank.

2. Social Media

Facebook- put steps in for privacy.  If your phone number is not required don't give it.  If you lose your phone report it within in 24 hours (if not sooner - when you know for sure it has been stolen).

Don't tell people you are going on vacation.  Do so after.  Twitter offers a little more anonymity than Facebook, but  you still need to be careful.

3. The Small, but Necessary Rules

a. make sure you have protection (anti-virus) on your computer such as AVG or Search & Destroy or SUPERAnti-Spyware

b. Make sure you run computer updates.

c. Check your bank statement weekly.

d. Before you put in your card info make sure there is a lock on the address bar.

e. If you live off of your phone protect it the same way you protect your social security number.

If there are any questions please let me know!

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