Monday, February 15, 2010

So, I've Said it Before...

I know I've said the following before, but never have I had it with such conviction. Restored Sunshine is finally going to take off. You will soon be able to be a fan on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

So, what is going on you may ask. Since I've come back from Mexico I've been drifting. I haven't been very sure of what I've wanted to do and quite frankly scared to embark on anything else. That is not the norm for me. Sure I get scared of doing new things, but usually I enjoy a new adventure. My usual MO is to jump in feet first and then take a look around.

Thankfully though, I've been reading several books and my pastor has been preaching a series on Bridges and the risk involved. That's what I need to do, take a risk. As I watched a hockey game this became even more clear. The winning team had not only made the most goals, but it had taken the most shots at the goal. For their 122 shots at the goal they only had 4 go in, but the other team only had 110 shots and only 1 go in the goal.

I find this true with life. Sure, because of the risks I'm taking I have every chance of failing, but if I don't try, then I'll never succeed. There is nothing to say that this new venture won't be a success. Maybe this is finally me finding my purpose and passion. The truth is I'm okay with it failing because my worst fear is not failure, but a wasted life.

I will make the most of this life while I'm here and do what I can with what God has given me. So, today, which is also a Monday, I present to you the future, my future, which will include a new company, new project, and new idea: Restored Sunshine.

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